Due to massive interest from US citizens and small investors worldwide we have decided to restructure the CaskCoin offering in order to comply with US regulators so we can accept US citizen registrations and also to reduce the current $30K investment floor.

This will allow the many people currently excluded to take full advantage of this amazing opportunity to distribute and decentralise Whisky investment.

All current registrations remain valid and all existing bonus grants will be honoured after the transition. Watch this space for more details and a date for the relaunch.

Exciting times!

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Unique and Futuristic


CaskCoin is an asset backed ERC20 cryptocurrency. Each token will represent legal ownership of each cask of whisky underpinning CaskCoin.

Asset Backed

Each CaskCoin token will be backed by physical Scotch Whisky making this cryptocurrency unique and sustainable with sound recurring income re-invested to ensure future growth.


Good investments often come in the form of establishing ownership of rare products and holding onto those products as the supply continues to drop, or the quality continues to improve.


In order to ensure complete transparency and to drive additional value to the assets, Caskcoin Limited will utilize the arc-net secure private blockchain for immutable compliance records.


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